Welcome to Eastern Washington

If you have just moved to our area or in the "thinking about it" stage,  I hope you'll find time to travel the backroads into the small, and sometimes very rural towns that make up our part of the state.  You'll find plenty to keep you busy all year around! 

One of the scenic spots within an easy drive of most towns, is Palouse Falls.  The ice formations in winter are quite the wonder, and as the snow & ice begins to melt, the smaller fall turns into a "mini Niagara" and turns the Palouse River into a  very chocolate color as it heads to the Snake! 

The summer season is much more tranquil and you can see a rock formation at the base that reminds you of a castle.  There is a campground or have a picnic  A Discover Pass is required or you can buy a day pass. 

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